Core Curriculum (2 credits)

How to Study the Bible
A look at how the Bible came about, different available translations, and general rules of hermeneutics

Old Testament Survey
An overview of the contents, history and theology of the Old Testament

New Testament Survey
An overview of the contents, history and theology of the New Testament

Foundational Doctrines
An overview of the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith

Knowing God
Understanding God’s nature and how we can know Him better

Spiritual Disciplines
A practical study of spiritual disciplines

Financial Stewardship
A Biblical look at finances

Spiritual Gifts
Defining spiritual gifts and learning how to operate in them

A Biblical and historical look at revival

An in-depth look at spiritual, emotional and physical healing

Spiritual Warfare
Understanding spiritual warfare and how to live victoriously

The End Times
An overview of end time events in relation to the second coming of Christ

Christianity & World Religions
An overview of world religions and the distinction of Christianity

The Next Generation
Understanding the importance of a spiritual legacy

Evangelism & Missions
How to share the Gospel on a local and global scale


ACTS Seminars (1 credit)

The Kingdom of God
Defining the Kingdom of God and how it operates

Understanding Islam
A look at the history, culture and worldview of Islam

In the Footsteps of Jesus
A look at the compassion and power of Christ

Calling, Destiny & Legacy
Learning how to clarify and process the call of God on your life

An Apostolic Church
Defining the apostolic and what it means to be an apostolic church

Healing Prayer
Practical insights on how to pray for people to be healed

More than Conquerors
Understanding our identity in Christ

Practical insights into raising children

Small Group Ministry
Understanding how to minister in small group settings

Praise and Worship
The important role of praise and worship in the church

Preaching and Teaching
How to develop sermons and teachings