Sam Song
Founder and senior pastor of Solomon’s Porch, Hong Kong. Solomon’s Porch has planted churches in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and New York.

Christian Gonzalez
Founder and senior pastor of Fe y Cristiano in Los Angeles, California. Fe y Cristiano has planted churches in Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras.

Dave Langeland
Founding and senior pastor of Safe Harbor Church in Tustin, California. He served on staff at various churches for ten years before planting Safe Harbor in 1996.

Rita Langeland
Founder and director of Treasures of Africa, an organization that provides refuge for children in Tanzania. She is also the founder of Hidden with Christ Ministries, a ministry dedicated to teaching and equipping the body of Christ.

Paul Lehmann
Served as a missionary to the Congo for 21 years, a district superintendent of Haitian churches for 5 years, a missionary to Muslim immigrants in France for 5 years, and a pastor for 19 years. He is currently the pastor of Nobleton Community Church in Nobleton, Florida.

Bruce Marchiano
Originally an actor who is well-known for playing the part of Jesus in the movie Matthew. He is the founder of Marchiano Ministries, a ministry that produces Gospel films, conducts evangelistic outreaches, and provides care for impoverished children in South Africa.

Lisandro Gonzalez
Originally from Paraguay. He was pastoring in Brazil when God called him to the United States. He is the founding pastor of Living Waters Community Church in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Sarah Lehmann
Children’s Pastor at Freedom Church in Wesley Chapel, Florida. She and her husband Eric started Healing to the Nations in 1998 (a missions and teaching ministry) and they planted Freedom Church in 2004.

Joseph Karimi
Pastor of Karatina Gospel Church in Karatina, Kenya. As a District Overseer for the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa, he also provides leadership and direction to nine other churches in the Mt Kenya region.

Tom B
Graduate professor in Asia. Ministers in closed countries. Because of the sensitive nature of his ministry, no further information can be given on the internet.